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Frequently Asked Questions

ListNLook provides many answers to it's visitors here, if you do not see an answer to what you are looking for please email customer service:
ListNLook Customer Service


Q: How Do I make a listing or advertisement?

A: On our navigation bar click "List With ListNLook".  There you will find a description of the services we offer.  Once you have chosen the listing or advertisement you want; from the "Buy Now" drop down list choose the service you want and then click on the "Buy Now" button.  You will be directed to our PayPal checkout and once payment is made you will be directed to a form page so we can create your listing or advertisement.  Fill out the form to the best of your knowledge as this is the content our art department will work from.

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Q: How Do I make changes to my listing or advertisement?

A: You are responsible to make sure all content in your listing or advertisement is correct at all times.  If there is a mistake or if you need to make changes contact the art department.  We make all changes for "FREE".  

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Q: I cannot find my listing anymore?

A: In converting the site we removed many listings for many different reasons.  The most common are the E-mail, phone number, or if a website was provided and any one of the three were in-active or disconnected we automatically deleted that listing.  Some of the listings descriptions for basic listings were very long and made the basic listing page look bad, those listings were removed for what we call "Abusive Descriptions."  Lastly, we may have removed your listing because you never provided us with a picture as you promised.   We apologize for any inconvenience. 

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Q: I cannot find my Advertisement anymore?

A: In between July 19th and July 31st 2010 we sent "renewal" E-mails to all current advertisers.  If your ad no longer appears on the "All New ListNLook" website it is because you did not renew your one year subscription with us.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  If you would like to renew your advertisement you may do so here:

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Q: How do I know my renewal is due?

A: All Vacation property listings and Advertisements in our "Home Services Directory" are subject to a yearly renewal.  All Vacation listings and Advertising Members will receive an email a few days before your renewal is due.  Generally this email will originate from listnlook, but also look for emails from Clique Fuse.
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Q:Why Did stop the FREE Basic FSBO Advertisement?

A: ListNLook still offers FREE basic fsbo listings as a 30 day trial period.  ListnLook's Basic unlimited $5.95 listing is the most popular choice by far.

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